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Passport Ready? Unveiling the Latest Shifts in the Travel World

Updated: Apr 10

Let’s start off strong with seeing what the travel trends for the upcoming year as well as the meh-places that are not recommended due to waaayyy over-tourism.

From music tourism (Thanks Taylor!), set-jetting to your favorite show’s destination, to more cultural exploration and quaint cities, things for 2024 are looking strong for the traveler that is looking to expand their horizons and do something completely different.

As we ALL know, Taylor Swift has shook up the travel industry- so much money that used to go to the ‘Mouse’ is going all over the country and the world! Taylor Swift and Dublin? Why not?

As for set-jetting, Thank you Outlander for giving such a spark to Scotland, and White Lotus making Sicily an in-demand destination. What other shows are fueling this trend? Paris is now a big draw, not for the Olympics, but more from Emily in Paris. And Game of Throne Fans are still looking to go to King's Landing in Croatia as well as seeking Winterfell in Northern Ireland.

Quaint cities that are crave worthy? Portugal is HOT! HOT! HOT with cities like Obidos and Marvao getting some love. France is a favorite with Timber-framed homes dotting the roads in Colmar, and Annecy getting the nickname of the ‘Venice of France’ due to all the canals and waterways.

 For overtourism, some places are just over-run with people and being wall-to-wall with sweat and pushy tourists is just a big NO in my book. Think Venice in Italy, Athens in Greece, Barcelona in Spain, and Mount Fuji in Japan. 

Where are you hoping to discover in 2024? What trends sound good to you? Where are you itching to go to? Let me know in the comments!

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