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My name is Shauna Damboise- Mom of three amazing and awesome beautiful "children", Wife to one terrific husband, and Sister to five totally cool sisters.  I live here in Yarmouth, Maine. You know, above Boston and below Canada? Simply perfect in the summertime, but cold and harsh in the winter. Dreams get put into action when it's 20* below zero!
I come from a long list of Nomads- Great Grandparents traveling the world, including a stop at the Pyramids during the turn of the century, Grandparents incessantly on the move from Argentina to the Panama Canal- always on the go. Naturally, this rubbed off onto my Mom, who was always on a plane to who knows where. She traveled to all the continents except for Antarctica, but of course, that is was indeed on her list. Traveling is in my blood. Bubbling, always bubbling.
As a Mom of three, I can't travel all the time, but I can help others find their destinations and bliss- I love to be on the hunt to find the perfect place! I think of working with clients and their trips in the same way as working on term papers in college. First, you need a subject, which is where you want to go. Then an outline; budget, resort types, activity levels-the who's, what's and where's. Then a rough draft with some ideas and quotes, then edit! edit! edit till we come up with a vacation that looks perfect for you!

Now, where do you want to go? I'm going to get you there!

Why use a Travel Advisor?

Because it's so much more fun to dream of your family vacation when you aren’t stressing over where the best place to stay is, which flight is going to get you there, where the best activities are, or which cruise destination, length, and cabin type are going to get you the experience you are hoping for.  

I'm here to save you time and stress and put together a vacation that matches your unique family.  So much more than just “booking a vacation,” my service extends to putting together an entire itinerary created just for you.  So whether you are looking for peace and quiet with a swim with the dolphins, or ziplining through a rainforest, or authentic cooking classes, I’ll make sure your vacation is easy, unforgettable, and filled with everything you love best. That's what I am here for, to take care of your every need, making your trip stress-free & amazing.

All hotels, tours, cruises, and resorts have the commission already built into their pricing, so when you book something on your own, in a sense, you are overpaying for services you are not receiving. Whatever commission I would have received from your cruise (albeit a pretty small one- roughly about 5% of your fare) has gone back into the cruise or resorts wallet. 

Using me as your travel advisor is easy and a win-win for you
. I keep you and your travel documents organized and you receive this prior to departure.  I am also available for the duration of your vacation until you return home in the event that you have any questions or concerns.  

I'm your go-to for anything travel- Caribbean, Hawaii, and Europe (and Florida of course) are the big guns in my wheelhouse, but I also do South Pacific and Maldives. I can get you anywhere!

Fancy Fox Travel, LLC

Yarmouth, Maine 04096
A local Maine woman-owned Company
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